French regulator preparation meeting for CPG 19-09 / CMR 2019

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French regulator preparation meeting for CPG 19-09 / CMR 2019

The French preparation session to CPG (Conference Preparatory Group) which will take place from 26 to 30 August was held earlier this week. The objections submitted by IARU (CPG19-115) and the joint letter of the French associations were reviewed.

We have been assured that the ANFR is fully aware of the importance of the 144-146 MHz band for amateur radio, and the French proposal does not allow to question the attributions enjoyed by radio amateurs or to insert constraints on existing allocations. The 144-146 MHz band is allocated on a primary basis to amateur and amateur satellite services and it will remain so since the proposed item does not address this change.

In addition, the document prepared in response to the IARU's objections indicates that 2m band will remain available for all uses of the amateur radio services:

 France recognizes the wide range of amateur applications hosted by the 144-146 MHz band. The band will remain available for all these applications after WRC-23.

" F - AI10 - Non safety AMS-backgroud information" (ref CPG(19)137 dated  21/08/2019)

The final decision to eventually conduct  the study proposed by France will be taken by the CPG end of August, but thanks to the collaboration  inter-associations , both  nationally and internationally , it must be noted we have obtained reinsuring elements about nature and possible consequences of this study. This is a positive and important step, be certain that the associations remain vigilant and will continue their joint  work at both national and international level.


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